Below you will find a thumbnail image of each session done by Crystal the Artist. If you are a lucky recipient of such graces, please select your own gallery by clicking on the corresponding image. You will be prompted to enter the password provided at the time you were told that your photos were done.

Galleries take about 3-10 days from the date of your session to be completed. We know you are excited to stare at the works of art that will soon be yours, but hang tight if you have not yet received your log in information. Once you have received your info, be sure to download and order all the prints and images that you want because your gallery will be locked 30 days after the date of upload. After that time, they will journey into a forgotten abyss of nothingness, never to be seen again... kidding, kidding!

All galleries are delicately archived in virtual bubble wrap and stored here in case you need to access your images in the future. Just drop us a line and pay the $25 ransom and we will gladly reset your password for another 30 days. No joke, order now! At the end of the day, your purchases help keep this website afloat and our bellies full. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

(insert humble bow)

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