Artistry is not about fame, fortune, or expertise. It's an invisible chase of self expression and an overwhelming drive to create. Artists are faced with the unique challenge of tapping into a sacred rhythm that propels them deeper and further into their truest selves. Only when forsaking conformity and embracing their rawest desires and needs, is it that they find within themselves the ability to emerge touching the masses with their God-given vulnerability, authenticity, and understanding of things unseen. Often misunderstood and taken for granted, may every artist find the courage to not only create, but to embrace themselves & just be.

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Once identified as the most creative female in her high school graduating class, Crystal the Artist might capture your heart or inspire your thoughts with her art, writing, and photography. With big dreams and passionately pursuing all that she feels called to, this candid single-mother of four has a lot to offer the world through her comedic charm, creativity, and compassionate perspective.

Currently residing in Portland, OR, she's authentically pursuing knowing herself and how she can make an impact in this great, big, beautiful, and exhausting world through her unique skills and talents. You can expect to find a focus on topics such as domestic violence, mental health, motherhood, dating after divorce, spirituality, the arts of all kinds, and her healing journey through life.

Enjoy some time browsing her work by clicking on the pictures above, buy some prints, book a photo session with the artist, or subscribe to her new blog and come along on her journey into self discovery and destiny. We doubt you'll regret it.

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